White Mustang

White Mustang










Well, it´s been about 7 weeks since I last posted collection of photos here. I had been extremly busy and enjoying my productive 2 weeks in USA. I visited my beloved San Francisco, Detroit and NYC and shared a lot of memories on my instagram account. Coming back was more tough this time than I predicted and I wish I could stay in California forever. I am back at work, really busy and again over-booked (classic virgo) and working on a lot of projects. I had been more loyal to my books recently than ever and I really enjoy my days off when I can dedicate the whole day to myself. I like staying home when I can, listening to music, sewing, altering, coming up with new ideas, very slowly working on my upcoming book and many other projects. I love being active in the craft. But I also enjoy spending hours in museums and exhibitions, I never miss anything and there is always something new in London. Or anywhere where I decide to go I always find something exciting to do. I have been listening a lot to new Lana Del Rey album (not surprised) and I am very passionate about things I do, although sometimes I suffer. Someone once told me that ´the things we are not define us who we are´ and I agree with it. I live for my poetry.

I am wearing 1950´s felt skirt with poodle applique, Tara starlet blouse (I put different buttons on it), Kate Spade Makayla bag, bow watch and jewellery, New Look heels, 1950´s leather belt from Relic Vintage and ASOS heart pin.

All photos by Rachel Vogeleisen

Today´s music: White Mustang by Lana Del Rey 

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