I have always loved being surrounded by things I love in my home. Yes, it´s all material and might look like a clutter and make no sense to some people but that´s my lifetstyle. Plain white walls and minimalism really scare me as I can´t create or relax. I spend a lot of time on my own and when I am not at work and I have a day off, sometimes I like to stay home all day and sew. Or from time to time I am eager to decorate and decorate. Wish I would own a house one day and it would be something between Jayne Mansfield pink mansion, Gloria Swanson´s house in The Sunset Boulevard and setting from A Streetcar named desire. I also want to have a little library and room dedicated to beat generation with some William Burroughs paintings, as I am obsessed with him now more than ever and I think investing into art is always worth. 

Well I only live in one bedroom now and I call it the boudoir. It might sound creepy, but yes I say to people I live in the boudoir. Even my Vivienne Westwood´s perfume which I had been using for the past 7 years is called Boudoir. It´s my little private room. I will borrow this word from Patti Smith when she described her room in Chelsea hotel once as ´my monastic mess´. I love grand furniture, gold heavily embelished frames and walls full of chalkware and photographs. And lady head vases and porcelain! I can´t ever buy any ladyheads in Europe so I always brings them from US and it´s so fragile and tricky handling with luggage but it´s worth it. I keep my make-up brushes and flowers in them or have them on the walls as well. I have couple of favourite antique markets where I go to and search for treasures. I am very creative and can always make more space for new to me things. (although that taxidermy peacock I am dreamimg of might not ever fit in where I live right now).  I like pastel colours, I painted my room in mint green as my favourite macaroon place Laduree. Even my drum kit is mint green, but with glitter.

Yes, I like the aesthetics of 1930´s-1950´ but I am obviously not limited and stuck between certain decades. I am surrounded by inspirational people and muses from the past so you can find Sarah Bernhard and 18th century painter Boucher, Patti Smith and ballerinas, Jack Kerouac and Morrissey or many others various artists from any eras placed together on my walls, all making sense to me why. For some of my artwork I pay extra dollar but I have tons of postcards for 50p from charity shops. (this is what I call ´Elton John on the budget style´, as he has real Edward Steichen´s photograph of Gloria Swanson and I only have a cheap postcard, but framed in gold frame of course). I always stop at the giftshop after exhibition to see if there is any postcard I like. I always like some though as I love postcards and it always remind me on what museum I visited. My collecting is never ending. Always growing. It´s my passion. 

I am wearing 1940´s hat from Relic and 1950´s dress from Beyond Retro. 

Today´s music: Love by Lana Del Rey

All photos by Fanni Sutus

More photos to come soon. 


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