Last night was made for love

Last night was made for love


I remember walking around Art fair this summer at the end of July in Ann Arbour in Michigan when I came across one decent vintage stall with broken clothing. It was all very cheap, you just needed to fix it. My eye got caught by this 1940’s pink skirt with blue roses. It’s was meant to be pinafore but had broken braces. I cut down the hem, used the fabric for scarf and redone it. It’s one of the sweetest skirts I own and it reminds me of summer which I miss so much. 

Today I am wearing 1940´s pinafore skirt set, Kate Spade wicker tea pot bag, watch, jewellery, vintage blouse from Beyond Retro and heels from New Look.

All photos by Margoberry/Margarita Klioc

Today´s tune Last night was made for love


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