Helplessly hoping

Helplessly hoping


These photos have some special atmospehere…Of course, because they are all shot on film but there is something about the light, that London´s grey sky… I am obsessed with roses, they are so romantic and I bought this dress for my 26th birthday…It has velvet trim and bow and I love the colours… I made this headpiece about 3 years ago and I wear it so often that maybe I should make it in few more colours for a change…. I was also browsing through Schiaparelli´s ´Shocking life´ that day. I have been spending more time home in the past 2 weeks with some little sewing projects and reading… And I work one day a week at a pop up store of one of my favourite designers and muses, Lena Hoschek! I am full of projects and ideas, but struggling with this cold weather and it is slowing me down a little bit. I also had been practising with my new girl band whom we formed in September, so there will be more of me drumming on stage soon. And our name is related to Jack Kerouac of course. Will reveal all soon. 

I am wearing Madison Avenue dress from Kate Spade, Makayla bag, w

atch and jewellery m Kate Spade, New Look heels, Cleo B pom poms clips, 1950´s fox fur muff and long leather opera gloves from Beyond Retro, 1950´s leather belt from Relic and heapiece I made.

Today´s music: Crosby, Stills and Nash, Helplessly hoping

All photos shot on film by Fanni Sutus


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