Hazey Jane II

Hazey Jane II








´And all the friends that you once knew are left behind they kept you safe and so secure amongst the books and all the records of your lifetime?´, one of the most important Nick Drake´s lyrics in my life that are very personal to me. I love Nick Drake, that why I wonder around London with my friend Chris and look for places where Nick used to go. Read his biography, watched documentary, did big research, his life was tragically beautiful. My monkey bag is dedicated to him and called after my favourite songs of his, Hazey Jane II. Well, very brief entry to my diary today, 

If songs were lines
In a conversation

The situation would be fine. 

I am wearing 1950´s dress I scored at Beyond Retro (changed the straps and added hem), pretty poms earrings, watch and novelty wicker bag from Kate Spade, 1950´s buckle bracelet from Relic Vintage,  New Look heels and hair heart pin from ASOS.

All photos by Karla da Silva

Today´s music: Hazey Jane II by Nick Drake. 




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