Farewell, Angelina

Farewell, Angelina








Well, I have been unbelievably back in London for two months now. This is my first selection of photographs taken in this glorious land of last living english rose… Of course I am still surrounded by Allen Ginsberg all the time and got back to extensive listening to Joan Baez whom I loved for years. I managed to go to see amazing Bob Dylan´s exhibition at Halcyon gallery called ´The beaten path´ and I totally loved it as I am obviously into americana paintings a lot. Galleries and museums are my muses and always give me a lot of energy and inspiration for my work and that´s one of my favourite things London has to offer. These photos were taken by my friend Fanni, talented photographer who is interested in film photography same as me so it´s already great sign of our collaboration. Taken near my house where is little church and graveyard. I am wearing my absolutely most favourite taffeta skirt with oversized velvet rose pocket. Once I tried to fit in a bottle of rose lemonade and it worked perfectly, same for books I carry around. I just love roses so much. Way too much.

I am wearing 1950´s taffeta skirt with velvet rose pocket I scored at etsy, 1930´s crochet clutch from Beyond Retro, hat made by Joanna Violet, blouse I found in second-hand store in Prievizda, 1950´s bracelet and belt from Relic.

All photos by Fanni Sutus

Today´s music: Farewell, Angelina by Joan Baez

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