Charlie Parker

Charlie Parker

Well, my obsession with Jack Kerouac started probably when I was 15 as I only knew he was friend of Allen Ginsberg, the beat poet my beloved Patti Smith was refering to all the time. When I turned 18 I only wanted to go to San Francisco and visit City Lights Bookstore, one of my most favourite places in the world and a heaven of beatnik literature. I am a bookworm, always reading and I love beat generation texts and artwork but I have to say I am also really interested in their private lives and everything that hapenned in NYC before they all became famous. And most importantly, it´s important to study this subject from  female perspective, too, so I recently read two books written by Kerouac ex-girlfriends.

I like to involve important names that inspire me in my every day wardrobe, too. I bought this little hat once and beaded ´Jack Kerouac´ on it and added little buttonwith golden tone tassel on it. I love this berret. I love Kerouac. He would approve the berret. 

Mustard is a nice colour, so difficult to find and my mom bought me this blouse ages ago and I never wore it as I couldn´t find any matching skirt. Well, as I was in Michigan this summer, I went to some random art fair where I found what I wanted, rail of broken mid century vintage for few bucks which still had a lot of wear if you repaired it. I picked up this skirt with no zipper and sewn one in and there you go. Great match. 

Also I can´t forget to mention this amazing bag I saw once in Kate Spade wholesale showroom about a year ago and I waited until it hit the shofloors. Very well thought piece, exotic parrot in a bamboo cage with a cocktail menu floor. Isn´t this the best thing ever? He even sits on a little swing and you can move him. I call him Biggy. Like Iggy Pop´s parrot. Biggy Pop I say. Or Biggy P. 

So this is my mixture of Kerouac and Pop. Makes all sense to me.

I am wearing Jack Kerouac hat, Kate Spade novelty bird cage bag with a parrot, Kate Spade bow watch and jewellery, blouse my mom bought for me back home, skirt I saved from art fair in Ann Arbour, MI and New Look heels.

All photos by darling Fanni Sutus. 

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