Why Gowns by Roberta?

I am convinced that when my parents blessed me with my name in 1991, they didn´t know Roberta was a successfull musical on Broadway in the 1930´s. It immidiately became my trademark. As a child I didn´t like it, as I was the only one around with this name and I didn´t have a name day, which is Slovakian tradition. Very rare name at home, but inclusive part of myself and yes, I like it now very much.

In 1933, Alice Duer Miller published a book called Roberta. Two years after, the book became adaptation for third Astaire-Rogers movie. This movie is one of my favourite movies, as I love Ginger and Fred and it gives me that great feeling they were in the movie called like me, because the story is epic and very close to me.

                                In 1952, the movie was by MGN under the title ´Lovely to look at´.

How I found about it? Four years ago, I was browsing at Amoeba in Haight-Ashbury in San Francisco thorught vinyls, when I suddenly found one I never heard of before. Purple cover, silver words. I bought it for few bucks and researched it and became very interested in the background of it. I was curious who this Roberta was as I never met or saw one before.

I decided to name my website after it. I am not a dressmaker and designer like Roberta was in the movie, but we have something in common…Of course we share the same name but…We have a great eye for details and pretty dresses, rather called gowns. Gowns by Roberta in my meaning doesn´t stand for that I make them, but the way I wear and present them. I first opened my blog around four years ago, borrowing name from my beloved Arthur Rimbaud which stays here as well. But Roberta characters me the most.


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