I realized I have been kind of obsessed with traditional London now not-working telephone boots. I saw one converted into little library once, where you could take out a book and get swapped for your old one. As I was walking out of Hyde park last week (yes again) there are two just at the tube entrance and couldn´t resist a photo with my matching red coat. Weather was terrible again, drizzling and and way too windy for my page boy (as you can see on those photos). It´s actually really difficult to do whatever outside and although I check the forecast all the time, you never know what will be happening outside anyway. I got really excited about Iggy Pop´s new music project called Post Pop Depression with Josh Homme and Matt Helders but got totally disspaointed when I queued online for tickets for Royal Albert Hall and missed it (will try to get in anyway though). Anyway, I should be band- practising after about a month break (Christmas time) so will be back behind the drum chair from next week onwards.

I am wearing 1950´s coat from Beyond Retro, Dior heels, Dents gloves, 1950´s ballerina pin, satin clutch from Beyond Retro and hand-made hat by Joanna Violet.

Today´s music: Iggy Pop- Gardenia

All photos shot digitally by Rachel Vogeleisen.