So it had been almost two months since I am back in London. I had the idea of film photography in my head for a while (I had been photographed on film it the past) and I decided to really work hard and find someone who has the same passion for it. In general, almost all my favourite shots of my fashion and music icons, movie stars and designer´s couture dresses had been only captured on film. The colours, no retouch, no photoshop and all manually processed. I love the whole concept of film. The problem is, not many people want to work with film now. It costs money- film and takingit  to the dark room cost money. And of course you never know what will come out of your tool so it is very tricky magic. I want to introduce you my friend Hanson, whom I know now more than a year. 

Please check his work here and here

This is my classic spy look, I always admired Humphrey Bogart and all film noir gentlemen wandering around foggy San Francisco in their macs…

I am wearing Burberry trench coat and scarf, Charlotte Rousse heels, barret from Beyond Retro and bag from H&M.

Song of a day: Morrissey- Suedehead