Billie Holiday



Yes, it took me 3 weeks to publish new collection of photos but I have been working really hard and it was difficult to schedule everything. After a long time I decided to show little different hairstyle although my page boy is my every day classic. I had this dress in my wardrobe for over a year and I know as a redhead I should wear more green but to be honest I don´t have many green dresses but I am working on it now. I totally love this wicker bag with attached painting of unknown lady and I love wearing arty things like these. Photos were taken when it was warmer, now it´s chilly again here in London. I am really excited about summer, can´t wait for Field Day to see PJ Harvey or Deerhunter, but my main excitement goes to British Summer Time to see Warpaint and my beloved Patti Smith. I met this inspirational legend twice and this is gonna be my fifth time seeing her performance live. I also did some drumming while being filmed for SKY. It was also interview about my drums and music, maybe I will have a chance to share it once as I think it was produced for one of their internal events. What can I say, I love pretty dressses and drums!

I am wearing 1950´s water colour dress and belt. from Beyond Retro, New Look heels and  1950´s wicker bag I found on etsy.

All photos by Robert Sedo

Today´s music: Billie Holiday by Warpainttry13try2