From today my exams are finally over. I handed in couple of papers this week and took some exams. Now I am packing for London, my smester at Le Moyne college is officially about to finish. I came to USA for the third time at the end of July, it is time to go back to Albion now. Again I was wondering around Syracuse University (that´s where we took these pictures again), I am just obsessed with Lou Reed. Autumn is very nice here and I just listen to Leonard Cohen or something that emerged in New York City. I spent some time in NYC, but probably not enough, as I wanted to. I was planning to explore my interest in NYC punk scene more (as I have been fan for the past 10 years), but I was maily staying upstate. Next time, I love NYC.

I am again wearing the dress that everybody already seen, but because they are so popular I decided to show it again. I found the same dress once on ebay, originaly they came with a matching tartan scarf. With a little more wintery touch this time I went for 1950´s cardigan. I was also wearing berret  and gloves from Beyond Retro, What Katie Did mesh stockings, ballerina pin from etsy and boots from Aldo. Photos by Nora Richardson.