Guns and Roses007


I remember when I first spotted this dress on etsy about 3 years ago and I totally got amazed by the whole concept of this piece. I adore lace, especially black lace but I very rarely find pretty chantilly lace. Dress was shipped from Seattle to my friend´s apartment in Berkeley, CA where I picked it up two years ago. I never research my vintage finds, but apparently this woman from Seattle was spending a fortune for her wardrobe in 1950´s. This is gorgeous couture chiffon piece embelished with velvet bodice ribbon. There is important inspiration by Dior´s new look. Unfortunately it is very delicate so I don´t wear it every day, but it is one of my favourite piece in my dress collection.

Photos were taken at my favourite Geffrey Museum in Hoxton and I visit this furniture museum a lot. I am wearing 1950´s ring from Beyond Retro, HM clutch and Charlotte Russe heels.

This is the first time in a while I decided to shoot digital and not film. Photos were taken by Linda Fotulova, Ranena Labut (Wounded Swan) and you can find her work here

 Today´s song: Lana Del Rey, Guns and roses