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After few years I realized I should probably show my home surroundings, as people ask me all the time how does my place look like. I believe that your home shows your personality, I call my ´The Boudoir´. (even my Vivienne Westwood perfume I have used for the past 7 years is called like that as well). It´s my private bedroom. I have my beloved dressing table there (pictures coming up in other selections) which I scored on gumtree about 4 years ago. It´s really full and I love the moment in my dressing gown getting ready in front of my mirror.

I collect 1950´s Louis reproduction white french furniture. Sometimes when I want to add something into my collection local antique and furniture stores say it´s hard to get this type here because of its size, I often go on ebay or etsy. I also have original 1920´s dressing screen which I used to see from 73 bus in Angel every day for almost a year when I finally decided to get off and look for it and I bought it straight away. Also, every Thursday I browse through Spitalfields market. I used to have classes Thursdays and I always visited before I took train to Essex university and even now I always come before work as it´s start at 8am. I know the stall holders and love the atmosphere. It happened many times I came home overpacked from there. My other favourite antique markets I regularly go are in Crouch End in little church or in Stoke Newington, where I live. While in California, I go to Alameda but it changed a lot in the past 3 years.

I like heavily embelished rooms, especially walls. Empty white spaces don´t to anything for me, minimalism actually scare me a lot. I have all kind of 1940´s chalkware, wall pockets and wooden scones, ceramic ballerinas and various postcards framed in eccentric gold frames.  I am actually obsessed with postcards and vintage photographs, I am old-fashioned as I love sending them to people. Every time I go to gallery or museum I end up at gift shop and buy a postcard and them find a perfect frame. My place is mixture of really weird things, but it all make sense to me. I can easily place signed Patti Smith next to picture of William Burroughs with Lydia Lunch, put black lace over the frame, have some Wallace collection-esque painting next to Iggy Pop and listen to Morrissey at the same time while wearing my 1940´s pink quilted monnogramed dressing gown with rhinestones.

This summer I got myself pink polaroid just to campure my memories and I will put them on the wall as well and inspired by Allen Ginsberg, they gonna have little note or story written on them. I love everything with ballerinas, horses, hands and manicure (got that from Elsa Schiaparelli), music boxes, dressing table trinkets, lady head vases, roses and satin! To be precise, pink satin! My place is full, stuffed with staff, but everything is very organized, has its own space and I can always add more. It is my own world, where I like to hide and create.

Dress: Red Label by Vivienne Westwood

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All photos shot on film by Selina Mayer, first selection, more to come. 

Today´s music: Chelsea Hotel N.2 by Leonard Cohen