In the mood



All photos by Selina Mayer


I opened my blog for the first time in 2010 I think. I was posting regularly, then had a break, then came back again… I decided to come reopen it again, even blogging is not my priority, but from time to time I like sharing my stories. I deleted large number of my old posts, just because I didn´t like them anymore and I can see certain progress in myself.  Also, big thanks goes to Martin Plakinger, my former classmate from primary school who did this whole website for me.

You know I smash the drums, study, do never ending researches about things I am so passionate about, travel, browse through antiques, collect things…So there you go, my first short story is up after a while.

Selina came to see me about a year ago into my pink room in London, which I call boudoir. I always borrow this word from Vivienne Westwood which perfume with the same name had been around me for about past 5 years. This is what came out from her vintage film camera.

I am wearing my 1940´s quilted gown with rhinestones from Relic Vintage (I got it monogrammed about 3 weeks ago at my friends store Pure Bliss in Mississippi) and Daniel Green 1940´s satin slippers from La Rosa (but I got a matching box to in at Relic Vintage).

Now I left London for a while, I am back in USA. I love America.