11006073_10152585103561268_14175554_nMe and Hanson took these pictures ages ago at Barbican. I have always dreamed about blue velvet dress like Bobby Vinton sings in that song, but I have to say I found another one, much nicer recently so I will see if I want to keep this one as well. We shot on film again, these are the best shots but I am not totally sure about the my hair and eyebrow colour, as it was taken before my hair dye deadline. Anyway, red and royal blue looks great together.

Today is my first day of spring break and I am off uni for 4 weeks and I will be working on another 2 essays and then summer term starts and then… I am very passionate about my work, re-creating and sewing little things but because it is so time-consuming  and the process is very slow it takes time. But it is worth. All those dresses captured on film.

I am wearing 1950´s blue velvet dress from Beyond Retro, red berret from Beyond Retro, Charlotte Russe heels, 1950´s ballerna pin from etsy and bag from H&M.

Please have a look at Hanson´s work here https://www.facebook.com/pages/Hanson-Leatherby-Photography/153413591478415 and here http://hansonleatherby.com/

 Song of a day: Bobby Vinton, Blue Velvet