I already posted all these photographs on my instagram, twitter or facebook, but never made it to one little article until now. We took all of these shots back in April, when I hosted and showed around London one of my oldest and closest friends from back home, Lubica Martincova.

First outfit: I am wearing vintage 1950´s cream and satin dress, Topshop heels, vintage leather gloves from La Rosa, San Francisco, 1950´s purse and Tom Ford sunglasses

Second outfit: I am wearing Collectif London dress and cape, vintage heels, Dents gloves, Tom Ford Sunglasses and Vivienne Westwood bag

Third outfit: black and white lace Asos dress, Office heels, HM bag, Monsoon gloves, 1950´s belt, pom-poms shoe clips

Please check Lubica´s work here, she is amazing.