Fade into you








It was really snap and spontaneous idea, but I decided last minute to spend my summer in my beloved San Francisco. I fell in love with this city on the first sight when I visited six years ago. I have always been obsessed with its historical background and this is my forth visit so far. I am planning to take a lot of photographs while I am here and to work even harder but I must admit I was so jetleg the first week I had to adjust myself first. I was so eager to go back to San Francisco´s Palace of fine arts and do some pictures over there, I had this gorgeous location in mind since I designed and got this dress made. I got the fabric at little antique fair in Crouch End in London where I go every month to look for some treasures. It´s 1930´s and quiet strong and heavy piece, probably originally made for curtains. Dress was made for me in Slovakia and as I done this before, I covered a clutch with the same fabric so I could have another matching outfit.

Back to the Palace of fine arts, this monumental place is one of my favourite here and I discovered it through Hitchcock´s Vertigo. It was way too windy and had to find the perfect spot so you can´t see much of its background, but I know I will be back there again soon. 

I am wearing dress designed by me, hand-made clutch, vintage belt from Beyond Retro (London), 1950´s charm bracelet with lovebirds from Static Vintage (San Francisco) and blue velvet heels from New Look.

All photos by Melissa de Mata, thank you so much for being so kind and driving me around, can´t wait for more photos! 

Today´s music: Fade into you by Mazzy Star.